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Golf carts are one of the most iconic images of Florida and can actually be street legal in the state. That’s right – if you own a golf cart and want to navigate the streets of Florida, you can do so legally with a few simple modifications by RD Golf Carts.

It all starts with buying a street legal golf cart or modifying an existing cart. Some are made by specialty manufacturers and come with all the necessary safety features to make them street legal or RD Golf Carts can provide a quote to build one. Modifications include components like headlights, brake lights, turn signals, seat belts, and rear view mirror, and many jurisdictions require a special windshield, a horn and at least one side mirror. There are a few other hoops to jump through, and fortunately we understand the local law enforcement guidelines as well as the state requirements and can get you on the road and legal.

When driving your street legal golf cart, you need to follow all the same rules and regulations as any other motor vehicle. This includes obeying speed limits, yielding to pedestrians and other vehicles, and wearing a seat belt. If you’re caught driving your golf cart outside of these rules, you can be subject to fines and even arrest.

Street legal golf carts are a great way to navigate the streets of Florida. They’re eco-friendly, affordable, and fun to drive. Just make sure you follow all the safety regulations and obey the law. With a few simple modifications, you can enjoy the joys of Florida golf cart driving without worrying about breaking the law.

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